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"Industries consulting in: real estate industry, timeshare industry, and auto industry "

In business since 1994

Crown and Company is a multifaceted Consulting Firm with specialized working knowledge in three major industries being the Automotive Industry, Real Estate Industry, and Timeshare Industry.

Crown and Company was established in 1994 and has been in continuous business offering consulting services for the Timeshare, Real Estate, and Automotive industries. With continual changing business models, Crown and Company is proactive in developing new techniques as well as strategic plans of action to compliment the ever changing business landscape. In addition to business plans, Crown and Company provides professional training to expedite business success.

Automotive Industry: Crown and Company provides business models and staff training. Crown and Company outlines various approaches whereby the whole goal is to provide additional revenue for the company. Once a decision is made, Crown and Company implements the method through both management and staff training. Additionally, Crown and Company provides sales training and closing techniques to all staff members involved in the sales process.

Real Estate Industry: Crown and Company provides services for every aspect of a real transaction. Crown and Company can recommend pre-contract due diligence, assist in contract negotiations, collaborate with the excavator, architect, and builder or act as the Superintendent for the entire project beginning to end. Crown and Company will request, collect, examine, and then communicate with the owner which estimate and vendor is best of the project. Also, Crown and Company works with the owner in obtaining financial funding and insurance.

Timeshare Industry: Crown and Company provides direction through deed resale services to resorts. The timeshare industry has went through vast changes since its inception many years ago. Today, the most common denominator between all resorts regardless of size or location, is deed returns. Crown and Company offers a specialized sale's method designed specifically to resale on-hand resort deeds. For more information, please visit Charter Timeshare Solutions at chartertimesharesolutions.com.

In today's competitive business environment, the days of sending management or employees to educational conferences or seminars are long forgotten. Now, all companies know and understand it is much more cost-effective to hire a seasoned, professional consulting firm such as Crown and Company to design, develop, and implement a specific plan of action accompanied with professional staff training to achieve company and personal success.

"Crown and Company, on the cutting edge of tomorrow's challenges, today."


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